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Globetrotter Glider: For the Not-so-Typical Tourist

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Jul 02 - 08, 2024
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Wander with swagger! Glide through the globe, one pocket-zip at a time. ✈️🎒

“Some pack light. Some pack right. With Globetrotter Glider, you’ll do both, and with flair.” – Cheryl, Designer

So, ever heard about hidden messages in vinyl records? Our sleep-deprived, coffee-powered designer found a mysterious map in a thrift-store vinyl record (probably a rejected plot for a Nicholas Cage movie). Instead of gold or jewels, she found the spark for the next big thing in travel gear—a blend of Nepal’s mountain vibes, Milan’s high fashion, and just a hint of Aussie surf spirit.

Introducing the Globetrotter Glider: It’s like the swiss army knife of bags. It’s so stylish that even the most serious of airport security might just give you a nod of approval. It’s spacious enough for all those school books, yet sleek enough for that college campus aesthetic. Let’s face it, this bag is what happens when style and function decide to have a baby.

Key Features:

Last-Minute Shove-In Slot: Boarding in 5 and you’ve just snagged that overpriced airport souvenir? No worries, shove it in! Perfect for those back to school essentials or random school projects you forgot about until the last second.

 Secret Passport Pouch: Remember how grandpa always said, “Keep your friends close and your passport closer?” Well, with this feature, even you’ll have a little chuckle when you realize you’ve outsmarted yourself. Keep those important school IDs and your favorite pen in this sneaky compartment. Out of sight, out of a pickpocket’s hands.

Jet-Lagged-But-Jazzy: Here’s the deal. We’ve all had those red-eye flights where you feel like a zombie from a low-budget horror flick. But with this backpack, you’ll still manage to look dazzling. Think of it as the caffeine shot for your style. Just what every teen needs for those Monday morning blues.

Sunglasses Slot: Because let’s face it, every student has that “too cool for school” moment, and there’s no better way to block the haters (and UV rays) than with some killer shades, right in their dedicated slot.

Why You’ll Love It:

Did that airport floor just turn into a catwalk? With Globetrotter Glider’s perfect fit for boys and girls school backpacks, you might think so. Hold the power to make a hallway your runway, or that college lecture your own personal TED Talk.

The Markets of Marrakech: Amidst the cacophony of traders and the vibrant colors, you’ll find yourself haggling with a finesse you didn’t know you had. All thanks to a backpack that oozes so much charisma, the vendors might just throw in an extra trinket for its sake.

Silent Discos in Singapore: As the city lights dazzle the skyline, you move to the beat, your trusty bag swaying with you. It’s seen the insides of lecture halls, now it feels the rhythm of the world’s most happening streets.

Midnight Sun Picnics in Iceland: Bask under a sun that refuses to set. As you lay down your picnic, your bag draws intrigue even from the Northern Lights. Who knew a backpack could make Mother Nature pause and appreciate?

Alright folks, take a deep breath! Why? Because we’re about to change your travel game. Say goodbye to “Where did I put that?” and hello to “Of course, it’s right here in my uber-cool Globetrotter Glider.” Make that school year the best yet! Whether you’re on the hunt for the best school backpacks of 2023 or just a durable mate for those heavy books, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Care Instructions:

Got a spaghetti incident reminiscent of lunch at school? Maybe a little ink smudge from that impromptu art class? Fear not! A dab of water, a touch of soap, and a sprinkle of your incredible journey stories will keep this bag looking spick and span.

Ready to change the way you move? Whether it’s through the college campus as you hustle between lectures, or the narrow alleyways of world-famous cities, the Globetrotter Glider is your passport to unforgettable experiences. So, what are you waiting for? The world’s a classroom, and every adventure is a lesson. Grab your Glider, your must-have among back to school backpacks, and show the world how it’s done, one zipped pocket at a time! 🎒✈️🌍🤩

.: 100% polyester
.: Lightweight and waterproof
.: Adjustable shoulder straps
.: Custom name tag sewn inside

 One size
Length, in11.81
Width, in5.12
Height , in18.11


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